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Servicing locations through out the United States, we can provide a great faucet installation service today!
We spend hours trying to do it yourself? Let us send an expert to perform the installation while you relax!
Don't Risk Hidden Faucet Leaks
Although changing a gasket or washer seems like a trivial task, if there is a leak going on under the surface, the likelihood of rotting wood and mold growth increases dramatically. These hidden leaks come with serious consequences most of the time, so it is important to check and to call for help if you suspect trouble.
Choose Professional Installation for Best Results
Installing a sink or faucet may not seem like a complex task, but it is important to have it done correctly when you consider how often they are used and how much water flows through them every day. When you need replacement service for a faucet, fixture, or sink in your home, it's important that you choose a seasoned, professional installer.
Working with a trusted team will give you peace of mind knowing that any faucets, fixtures or sinks replacements are done right. We will make sure your new sink and faucet are positioned correctly and the seals are in place so the potential for leaks is minimized, and they will do the job they are meant to do.

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Whether you want to update your current fixtures or have a leaky faucet, we can quickly and efficiently fix any issue.
What faucet is right for me?

Looks aren’t everything. Most people choose a faucet based on looks alone. And that’s a mistake. Looks are important, but you can usually get the look you want without compromising on convenience and long-term dependability. For advice on those practical considerations, contact us so we can show you options!

How do I know what size faucet I need?

If the distance is six inches or more you need a “widespread” or “eight inch spread” faucet. If the measurement is less than six inches you need a “centerset,” “mini-spread” or a “four inch spread faucet.” Each of these configurations is for a faucet that will use all three holes in the sink.

How much will it cost?

All projects are different. Contact us today so we can discuss your unique project!

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